Mercedes-Benz Genuine parts. So that your Mercedes-Benz remains a Genuine Mercedes-Benz.
Our parts portfolio The right part for every Mercedes-Benz. Whether you need a replacement part for an older Mercedes model or the appropriate service part for a new vehicle, the comprehensive portfolio of parts from Mercedes-Benz has a custom-fit option for every vehicle and every budget. Of course, with all of our parts lines, you can be sure that each part meets our stringent specifications.
Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts It is always recommended that you use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts for all repairs and services, as they combine all the know-how of Mercedes-Benz as a vehicle manufacturer, are specially developed for your ‘Star’ and optimally adapted to the other components of your vehicle.

Your advantages at a glance:
- Excellent quality, precision and durability
- Tested and inspected in accordance with strict Mercedes-Benz specifications for high safety and reliability
- Specially developed for the respective vehicle
- Rapid availability

For further information on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, please contact : +94 772 44 97 97
Mercedes-Benz StarParts To get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz, it’s important to care for it properly. Along with regular maintenance at DIMO, Mercedes-Benz StarParts can help keep your vehicle in top shape. They’re authentic, competitively priced and designed specifically for vehicles nine years and older.

Benefits of meeting strict standards for quality and safety, Mercedes-Benz StarParts are:

- Designed and approved by Mercedes-Benz
- Designed for an exact fit, specifically for vehicles nine years and older
- Developed, tested and approved for high-functionality and performance
- Backed by a one-year Warranty Disclaimer

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Genuine Parts vs. Non-Genuine Parts Seemingly genuine: look out for counterfeit parts. Your Mercedes-Benz service partner protects you from counterfeit products. Because unfortunately, where it says Mercedes-Benz on the outside, it doesn't always say Mercedes-Benz on the inside. Counterfeiters are increasingly specialising in copying vehicle replacement parts. In the process, safety-relevant parts such as brake discs and pads, windscreen wipers, windscreens, chassis parts or filters are increasingly being copied. Counterfeit parts often seem deceptively genuine, to the point that not even experts can easily identify them at first glance.