Model Overview


Be it at rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route – your A-Class noticeably takes the strain, particularly in stressful situations. 

The new generation of the B-Class Sports Tourer is more sporty and individual than ever before – with various design and equipment lines, design packages and attractive materials and colours.


A range of advanced safety systems includes Active Braking Assist, which not only warns you of an impending collision but also offers braking support and intervenes with autonomous braking if needed.

Elegant and intelligent. The front end of the C-Class is an exciting mix of elegant design and innovative Mercedes-Benz technology, such as the inimitable look of the Intelligent Light System’s optional LED headlamps.

The E-Class Saloon is the embodiment of modern style and refined sportiness – and carries this off with an astounding lightness of touch. Every line follows the principle of Sensual Purity. 

Like a runner who compensates every change in direction naturally with his body, the optional MAGIC BODY CONTROL with Curve function automatically responds to acceleration forces on bends.


Be it at rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route – your CLA Coupé noticeably takes the strain, particularly in stressful situations. 

The clear, sensuous design of the C-Class Coupé creates an athletic and sporty highlight on any road, and embodies ultra-modern luxury. While its interior raises elegance and style to a sporty level.

No sooner have we closed the new E-Class Cabriolet than the Coupé draws us under its spell. A textbook Gran Turismo. Its uniquely graceful roofline merges flowingly into the athletic rear end. This creates modern, breathtaking aesthetics.

Be it at rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route – your CLS Coupé noticeably takes the strain, particularly in stressful situations. 

Arriving at your destination has rarely felt so quick and stress-free.Sheer luxury meets an incomparable driving experience – the S-Class Coupé marks the automotive pinnacle of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle range.

Nothing is more exciting than contrasts that become one. Muscle and aesthetics. Dynamics and functionality. SUV and coupé. The outstanding character traits of two automotive worlds produce something new: a contemporary, rather "cool dude".

More longitudinal agility. More transverse dynamics. Thanks to DYNAMIC SELECT and the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM in the GLE Coupé.     

Cabriolets / Roadsters

The SLC stands for emotional and sporty driving enjoyment under the open skies. See, feel, taste, hear and smell the pure pleasures of open-top motoring. 

How intense can a driving experience be today? How emotional is intelligence? Allow yourself to be seduced by the most breathtaking, sensual forms of the automobile.   

This Mercedes needs just 20 seconds to seduce you. That’s how quickly the soft top opens. That’s how quickly you and your senses succumb to the inevitable. 

The design of the SLC works like an amplifier on our sense of sight and our synapses. Long nose, short overhangs – the silhouette is muscular and sensationally dynamic both when open and closed.


Follow new roads, off the beaten track, out into unknown terrain. When it comes to curiosity and the spirit of adventure, the new GLA is a genuine off­roader. 

   Encounter every drive on a whole new level: with the GLC. Progressive and athletic, yet virtually silent and astonishingly efficient. 

Dynamism. Assertiveness. The art of letting go. Those who possess these  qualities radiate a special serenity, appreciate what they have achieved and  enjoy every moment to the full. This is a sublime state. And sublimity comes  in various forms. 

An S-Class when you want one. An SUV when you need one.

The G-Class offers uncompromising off-road capability. There's very little that can throw it off balance. Its stability, ground clearance and robust off-road ability are legendary.


Get in, start and notice the full driving power even at low engine speeds. The exposed wheel arches with the wide-tyred wheels not only look impressive, with their broad track width they also contribute towards the high transverse dynamics of the X-Class. 


With the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, families travel in an even more relaxed manner, leisure-time adventurers experience every moment even more intensely and shuttle passengers reach their destination as comfortably and stylishly as never before.