Mercedes-Benz Services & Workshop

Your Genuine Service for the highest quality

DIMO understands that as a busy individual, time is of the essence to me.With their Star Collection & Return Services , I don't have to worry about spending time away from the important matters at hand. DIMO will collect my vehicle and return it to me, at no extra cost!

I simply call my Service Adviser or the DIMO Service Reception Co-ordinator on 0777 717 277 to confirm my service booking as well as for vehicle collection and return services offered within Colombo city limits.

It is understood that the cost of service, maintenance & repair or replacement work must be fully settled before the vehicle return service can be carried out. Vehicle collection and return is at the owner's risk. DIMO or its personnel will not be held liable for any damages if incurred during the vehicle's point-to-point transfer and whilst in company custody.

Services for new vehicles

You have acquired one of the world's most iconic symbols of prestige and naturally, you deserve nothing less than comprehensive and competent customer service from Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO). Having been in the forefront of the automobile industry for over seven decades with extensive experience in Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service, DIMO is the only service provider you can rely on for authentic care for your Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka.
Mercedes-Benz automobiles are engineered with many unique and ingenious technologies and possess a wide range of exclusive automotive features. Thus, only factory trained technical professionals from DIMO are qualified to service these specialised vehicles with accuracy. From the smallest part replacement to major overhauls, we ensure professional, reliable repairs and precision maintenance every time. Our exceptional and constantly updated Star Diagnosis, the most up to date diagnostic equipment, sophisticated body and paint tools such as paint booths, Cellette body distortion straightening machinery etc. ensures smooth fault diagnosis to facilitate accurate and speedy repairs. When it comes to service standards, we are committed to restoring everything from the oldest Mercedes-Benz to the latest.