24 Hour Roadside Assistance

My 24 Hour Roadside Assistance.My Service

Every Mercedes-Benz sold by DIMO backed by a wide range of exclusive DIMO services, ensuring that my Mercedes-Benz brings me a lifetime of happiness.

Mercedes-Benz offers me a lifetime assurance of carefree driving,However, life's little surprieses tend to occur when I least expect it.Thus if I should ever require assistance with my vehicle, I can rest assured that the Mercedes-Benz 24 Hour Roadside Assistance team will be there for me around the clock, 365 days a year. DIMO's specilists are always contactable on their Service Hotline:0112 44 97 97.
Even though it's very rare for a Mercedes-Benz to break down, DIMO always assures me of one thing-their team will do their utmost so that I will soon be mobile.