Comprehensive Body Care Packages

Star Polish
Over  time, pollutants from the external environment may inadvertently cause hairline scratches  or  swirl  marks  on  your  Mercedes-Benz.  Star  Polish   is  the  ultimate revitalisation programme which is able to restore a stunning shine to your vehicle and is  highly  recommended for cars with visible swirl marks. Of course, only Mercedes-Benz approved cleaning solvents, polishing compounds and hi-gloss waxes are used.
Rs. 13,500 + VAT*.
Complimentary interior clean included.

Nano Sealant Technology

Nano Sealant is the most advanced paint protection technology that works seamlessly with your existing Mercedes-Benz paintwork. The glass hard, high gloss protection layer made of silicate nano particles with fluorocarbon provides your Mercedes-Benz with several distinctive and attractive advantages. It improves the overall luster of your vehicle, provides optimum protection for vehicle paintwork, reduces the level of dirt & dust collection and damage from bird droppings, while making your vehicle easier to clean and maintain.

After treatment, it is recommended that the car is washed with high pressure water using a chamois leather cloth. If deemed to be necessary, use only Mercedes-Benz recommended car detergents, whereas car covers are not advised in order to protect the dazzling shine that will last for a minimum of one year.
Small cars up to Mercedes-Benz C-Class or equivalent size: Rs.42,500+VAT*
Mercedes-Benz E-Class or equivalent size: Rs.45,000+VAT*
Mercedes-Benz S-Class or equivalent size: Rs.47,500+VAT*


Be it old or Young Star, we can make your Mercedes-Benz look as stunning as the day you first set eye on it. Our professional painters will perform an assured paint refinishing job on your prestigious Star in accordance to standards set out by Mercedes-Benz Group AG, using only the highest quality of paints and materials. Our special refinishing processes are incomparable to any other in the country and are destined to last through time, increasing your Mercedes-Benz vehicle's resale value and ensuring it looks outstanding on any occasion.
Our special emphasis is in restoring Mercedes-Benz Classics & Young Classics to shine on our local roads. That's why DIMO will contribute towards the cost of refinishing and offer our services at an extra special price to you. Please let our experts inspect your Mercedes-Benz and advise you with the final costs.
Starting from Rs.150,000+VAT*
Mercedes-Benz 190, 202, 124 &other vintage models:Rs.150,000+VAT*
Mercedes-Benz 140, 210, 203, 163: Rs.200,000+VAT*

* Conditions apply. Prices mentioned are subject to change without prior notice.