COVID Guidelines - Shangri-La Golf & Country Club, Hambantota (Web View)

Golf Club Guidelines | Shangri-la Golf & Country Club, Hambantota

Your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. In response to the events surrounding COVID-19 globally, we have stepped up our precautionary measures. The following guidelines must be strictly adhered to by all golfers.



- Prior booking is mandatory via email ( or call (+94767339084)

- Address details, PP/NIC number, contact number and email will be required by all golfers (members/walk-ins) to complete booking

- All bookings need to be done one-day prior before 3.00 pm I.e. Tee off for Tuesday 7.00 pm requires booking to be done on Monday before 3.00 pm

- If a booking has not been placed according to the above rules, entry to the resort will be restricted

- 4 players per night (1 buggy per player if you come in separate vehicles)


- Online/Card payments are encouraged

- Caddie fee to be paid directly to the caddie in cash at the end of the game


- If a golfer commits to a tee off time and golf facilities (driving range), and doesn't turn up, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged from the golfer who booked the game on all facilities (green fee, buggy/ trolley, D/R baskets)

- The cancellation on the caddie fee will be 100% with subject to payment-processing fee. I.e. if 4 caddies are booked and one player doesn’t turn up, the caddie fee would still need to be paid by the golfer

Entry to the resort

- Temperature check is mandatory for all golfers before entering the resort

- All golfers and guests are required to wash their hands when entering the resort

- Each golfer’s/guest’s departure destination will be recorded at the main gate during check-in

- The Level 1 car park has been allocated for parking of vehicles


- The use of caddies is on optional basis

- In the event caddies are requested, only one caddie per player will be permitted


- It is mandatory for a golfer to wash/ sanitise hands before entering the Proshop

- A maximum of only 2 golfers can be in the Proshop at a time

- Only one golfer would be allowed to register for each flight

- Merchandise displayed are not to be handled unless you require to purchase the item

- Trying on Proshop merchandise is strictly prohibited

- Shoes for rent will not be available until further notice


- Social distancing (1-meter rule) to be strictly followed throughout the course

- Do not move the flagstick when putting

- Rakes will only be handled by the caddies and not golfers

- Tee time interval will be 15 minutes

- Tee off-times for hole-1 and hole-10 will be as per daily schedule

- Golfers should only pick their ball up using the gloved hand

- It is advisable to not handshake at the end of the game. We recommend you to drop off your cap if required

The booking of and engagement in golf activities provided by the resort will be solely at your own risk.
Bookings may subject to cancellation as per developing rules and regulations enforced by the government of Sri Lanka (E.g. curfew)

E. I T. +94767339084 I