Accident Care. The Mercedes Way. Mercedes-Benz Accident Management Workshop 2018

Accident Care. The Mercedes Way’. Mercedes-Benz Accident Management Workshop 2018 was held on 12th October 2018 at DIMO 800 Auditorium with the presence of representatives from all the leading Insurance Companies in Sri Lanka.

The objective of this event was to educate the key decision makers from the Insurance Industry regarding the value of repairing accident damaged Mercedes-Benz vehicles at DIMO 800 as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Mr. Andreas Roehl, Senior Accident Management Specialist – Mercedes-Benz Group AG, who was the keynote speaker for the event, took the audience in detail through the core brand values of Mercedes-Benz; how manufacturing of Mercedes-Benz Vehicles have evolved with advanced technology over time to deliver the best in class Quality & Safety, the importance of recommending DIMO – The only authorised workshop for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka, to carryout repairs for accident damaged vehicles to bring it back to its original condition after the repair with trained Technicians, right tools and equipment, processes, etc.

Further, the second session of the event continued with Practical Demonstrations at the DIMO 800 Workshop where Mr. Andreas Roehl demonstrated the guests on usage of special tools and equipment tailor made for Mercedes-Benz Repairs as per manufacturer’s guidelines, cutting and drilling techniques, joining methods, etc. The event was conducted with maximum engagement with the participants where there was a quiz competition from the program content giving away gifts for the right answers while a Q & A session was also carried out at the end of the event.

Further, the workshop tour also covered the Mercedes-Benz 24 Hr RSA, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts Counter and Warehouse, Active Reception and Call Centre Operations. Our Body and Paint partners, Standox – Supplier of Water Based Paints, Mirka – Supplier of Special Workshop Tools, Blowtherm – Supplier of Paint booth and preparation bays also joined hands with DIMO to conduct practical demonstrations on their expertise with the involvement of their foreign principals in order to add more value to the overall content.