AMG driving experience in Malaysia


Reaching pulse raising speeds with amazing vehicle control among agroup of like-minded performance enthusiasts is something the AMG Driving Experience represents. It’s also everything DIMO wants its Mercedes-Benz customers to experience.
As the nation’s premiere distributor of Mercedes-Benz automobiles and automobile solutions in Sri Lanka for nearly eight decades, DIMO has always been a cut above the rest in identifying the needs of the community while delivering priceless moments behind the wheels of their luxury vehicles. DIMO’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz was established when DIMO launched the first ever Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicle in Sri Lanka and this relationship has been further strengthened through exclusive services, warranties and most importantly, the experiences with the brand. While pushing personal limits and enjoying every moment to the absolute fullest is exhilarating, safety remains a core brand value at Mercedes-Benz and therefore responsibility is a top priority at DIMO.
AMG, while these three letters stand worldwide for supreme automotive performance and driving dynamics, the AMG Driving Experience is also the perfect opportunity for customers to experience this champion car from the driver’s perspective while mastering critical situations in complete safety on legendary race tracks. Alongside the sheer pleasure provided by AMG Driving Experience, the focus of the courses have been built on Active Handling Safety. Therefore year after year, DIMO continues to represent the Mercedes-Benz owners in Sri Lanka at the AMG Driving Experience, organized by Mercedes-Benz Daimler. These unique experiences hosted by DIMO, have witnessed Sri Lankan Mercedes-Benz owners take on the challenging German terrains and even conquer the winter slopes in Sweden, multiple times a year. In addition to a rewarding day on the track, customers hone vital driving skills from the best driving instructors, enhance their active driving safety and experience the very latest in Mercedes-Benz automotive safety technology.
Almost everyone dreams about driving like Hamilton. But only a very few get to truly experience it. Six DIMO customers to be precise. On the 15th of November 2018, the lucky six represented Sri Lanka at an event which saw a massive gathering of Mercedes-Benz car owners from around the world. The AMG Driving Experience was hosted by Daimler South East Asia and Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC. DIMO even had their official Mercedes-Benz Liaison Officer at the venue, after the Sri Lankan representatives checked into the glamorous Ritz-Carlton Hotel, it was followed by a great day out with the host chaperoning them on a tour through the course, the museums and showrooms, leading up to the event. Finally, with the keys in their hands and professionals by their side, the proud Sri Lankans were led through the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.